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  • Game Cancellation and Pay Policy:
    • If you are scheduled to be at the complex to work and you arrive and the BLACK flag is hanging on the flag pole, there are NO GAMES that day.  If the black flag is up you do not get paid for your games.  If the black flag is not up and and we cancel the games you will receive 1/2 pay.  If you start a game and it is called due to weather you receive complete game pay.
  • Rules:
  • Reminders:
    • Slide Rule: A runner is out if he/she does not legally slide and causes illegal contact and/or illegally alters the actions of a fielder in the immediate act of making a play, or on a force play, does not slide in a direct line between the bases; or:

      1. A runner may slide in a direction away from the fielder to avoid making contact or altering the play of the fielder.

      2. Runners are never required to slide, but if a runner elects to slide, the slide must be legal.  Jumping, hurdling, and leaping are all legal attempts to avoid a fielder as long as the fielder is lying on the ground.  Diving over a fielder is illegal.

      3. Penalty:  The runner is out.  Interference will be called and the ball is dead immediately.

    • When calling the plate (Balls and Strikes), be open. Have a good size strike zone. Tell yourself every pitch is a strike until it changes your mind that it is a ball.

    • DO NOT TELL the coaches your strike zone! If you tell them you have a big strike zone, then you should have a big strike zone. Too many coaches are asking what the strike zone is and why umpires are not calling strikes. We are seeing some of the score books and it seems like there are a bunch of walks. Do what you can to reduce this.

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*NOTE:  Pets, alcohol and weapons are NOT ALLOWED at TJB!   Smoking/Vaping ONLY allowed in PARKING AREAS.

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