Coaches, Parents, Visitors - please be sure you are mindful and respectful to our umpires (who are children).  Calls made by umps will stand and badgering will not be tolerated.  Anyone found arguing or heckling our umpires will be told to leave the game by a board member or the umpire.  We ask that you please remember these are children and any game being played is not a 'World Series Game'.  If you have questions or concerns, please seek out a board member on duty.  We look forward to having many great games this season, with everyone's cooperation.  Thank you.











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About Us:

  • Our organization has been around for over 30 years and consists of five leagues: T-Ball, J-Ball, Minor, Major, and Teener.  TJB welcomes boys and girls from Miami County, ages 5-15, to join.  There are no try-outs and all are welcome.
  • Encouraging the development of baseball skills and techniques for future years is where we stand strong and proud.  TJB is not a traveling or select organization.  We provide Recreational (Rec) Leagues that are designed to offer a fun and safe, yet educational and competitive setting. 
  • Please remember, the players and umpires are children, set good examples of good sportsmanship.  They can see and hear everything you do and say.  Please keep negative comments to yourself out of respect for those around you.  If you have a serious issue, please see a Board Member who, when at the complex and on duty, will always be wearing a red TJB crossed bats/baseball logo polo shirt, jacket, or hat.

  • Troy Junior Baseball is a 501c3 organization.
  • Troy Junior Baseball is a PRIVATELY OWNED PROPERTY.  County Park Rules regarding Animal Control (leashed or non-leashed), DO NOT APPLY. 
  • NO PETS ALLOWED ON TJB PROPERTY!  Pets injuring spectators/players, pets getting injured/lost, pets defecating, etc., are just some of the reasons why we ask you to not bring your pets on our property. Thank you.

  • For lost and found items, please talk to a TJB Board Member.


  • Umpire Schedule
    - click on the link below:
    June 24 - June 30 (Schedule 4 Rev N)

  • Game Schedules and Scores
    - click on following link: League Lineup

    - Teener Tourney only, click HERE

    - Major Tourney only, click HERE
      (*Tourney Major Rules)

    - Minor Tourney only, click HERE

    - J-Ball Tourney only, click HERE

  • TJB Barnstormers Program
    - 7 & 8 year olds
    - In-Season Sandlots
    - click on following link: Barnstormers

  • TJB Board Meeting
    - Wednesday, August 8th
    - 7pm at Eagles Campground (Troy-Urbana Rd.)

  • Decals
    - more information can be found
      on our Complex page


*NOTE:  Pets, alcohol and weapons are NOT ALLOWED at TJB!   Smoking/Vaping ONLY allowed in PARKING AREAS.

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